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Arrested in Houston County, Peach County, Bibb County or Crawford County?

Remember these 10 Rules

  1. Remain silent. Do not say anything to the Police, other than to ask to speak with your attorney immediately. You have the right to not answer any questions.
  2. Do not give your consent (permission) for anyone to search anything that belongs to you. Also, do not give anything over to the police voluntarily.
  3. Immediately seek out the advice of an attorney. Call Daniell Law Firm, LLC for legal advice based on experience.
  4. Do not discuss your case with your family, friends, or anyone you encounter while incarcerated. Only discuss your case with your attorney.
  5. Keep in mind that no one in the criminal justice system has the job of protecting your rights except for YOUR attorney.  Law enforcement officers, guards at the jail, bailiffs, clerks, and judges all have important roles to play which can affect your cases but they do not work for you and are not there to help you.  Only your attorney has taken an oath to protect your interests. Do not trust anyone's advice other than that of your attorney.
  6. Identify and obtain contact information for any witnesses who are favorable to your case.  Make contact with them without making any incriminating statements in the process.
  7. Research attorneys before choosing one.  Go to http://www.houstonda.org/ and look up cases we have handled on the public case access.  Look at the types of cases we regularly handle, and most importantly our results.  Our proven track record of success extends from Miami to North Georgia.  Google us, and compare.
  8. Choose an attorney who you trust and who has the experience to handle your case.  Ask your attorney how many cases like yours they have handled before, and what their results were.  Your good name and freedom are at stake; there is simply nothing more important.   
  9. Do not agree to enter a guilty plea without first consulting an attorney. The attorneys of Daniell Law Firm, LLC may be able to obtain a resolution of your case which is far better than what you are being offered.

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